Exterior Stile & Rail

SD 7662 with 7663 Sidelites

What is a Stile and Rail door? Are you well-known with all of the terminology, parts, choices available and how each stile and rail door is crafted? If not, you will after reading this post.

Stiles are the upright or vertical outside parts of a door which at Eggers can be of hard wood or veneered construction.

Sticking holds the panels in place and we provide four standard profiles for clients to want from. Special custom sticking profiles are also available. Sometimes sticking and bead can be confused.

Sticking is fixed to the stiles and cannot be removed from the door. Bead, on the other hand, is offered loose on one side or two.

SD Entry Systems can make a BOLD Statement!

Rails are the cross or horizontal parts of the door and they include the bottom rail, top rail, lock rail and intermediate rail. Lock rails are also recognized as cross-rails.

Panels are made of hard wood, plywood, or composite material and they fill the frame formed by the stiles and rails of a door.